Valiant believes quality infrastructure is essential for its growth and development as a global company. From yarn dyeing to fabric designing, sampling, texturizing, circular knitting, weaving, processing, embroidery, garment production, and testing, infrastructure plays an important role in the smooth flow of its product lines. Valiant is fully geared for innovation and product developments. The Company's major plants are fully backed by 100% captive power, global standard effluent treatment plants, and highly standardized facilities that enable the company to meet the needs of customers. Information Technology also constitutes one of the thrust areas of Valiant. The Company has envisioned using this tool in all areas of business to build up unique competencies.

Quality is unachievable without cutting-edge technology. Valiant has invested in the latest machines from world class companies like KUSTER, DHAL, BENNINGER, RAMISCH, ZIMMER, JUKI and BROTHER to ensure that the fabric produced is of the highest quality. To maintain these high quality standards, the Company has also heavily invested into R&D.

The Company's “fabric experts” constantly analyze the market and provide flawless solutions that drive the business ahead. Resident experts ensure that the Company is ahead of its competitors in terms of new technology and fabric quality. In the Company's R&D centre, Valiant's team of “fabric experts” is constantly innovating new methods that revolutionize the concept of quality fabric production in cost effective methods.

The Company religiously adheres to quality norms that are recognized worldwide. The Company has one of the finest in-house textile testing laboratories in India . Right from the inputs like yarn, dyestuffs, and chemicals, every batch of fabric is tested for weaving, knitting standards and colorfastness under different conditions. Fabrics are also tested for its strength, durability, consistency, and all pre-defined parameters of the company and are customized as per the customers needs.

In short, Valiant ensures that quality is the company's trademark and assures its customers around the world the finest quality of fabric. The company's commitment to quality is visible through satisfied customers across the globe.

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